A Journey to the Self: A Psilocybin Mushroom Experience

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As a seasoned Vipassana meditator, I have encountered moments of profound gratitude and inner peace. However, my recent psilocybin experience at Satya Therapeutics in Ashland, Oregon, transcended anything I had ever experienced before.

The journey began with a dose of 2 grams of psilocybin powder mixed with lime juice, and within minutes, I felt a surge of energy coursing through my veins. Visions of vibrant patterns danced before my closed eyes, transporting me into a world of breathtaking beauty.

As the experience intensified, I felt a profound connection to the divine Shakti, a primal feminine energy force that permeated my being. I was enveloped in a swirling vortex of light, feeling myself dissolve into the vast expanse of consciousness.

In this state of oneness, I felt profound insights into the nature of reality and my place within it. The boundaries between my physical body and the surrounding environment blurred, and I became aware of the interconnectedness of all things. Transition, from being a spectator of Shakti to being part of it, contained vigorous short breathing. This breathing is akin to breathing when you suddenly jump into cold shower/water. Once you are fully in it, you see no need to try. This, I thought, was enlightenment or Nirvana. I did not feel the need to make an effort to be in this state.

The experience was so profound that I felt the facilitator, who was reading a book on psilocybin services, is blessed to be in the presence of my state. However, his nonchalant reaction made me realize that this experience was unique to me and not something that could be easily understood or replicated.

As I began to integrate back into my physical body, I felt I had the unique experience of my life. I realized I have no need to strive for enlightenment or perfection; all I need to do is simply be. Total time, from taking psilocybin to being back to my normal self, was 5 hours.

The experience has left me with a renewed sense of authenticity and integrity for my past, for my present and for my future.

Questions & Answers:

As this experience is 180 degrees opposite of what you feel with alcohol, Will I continue to consume wine/alcohol?
I will not be consuming alcohol going forward.

Will I want to get back to this state?
Yes, I would like to.

Will I do psilocybin mushrooms again?
No, Will have to get to this state with meditation.

Here are some of the key takeaways from my psilocybin experience:

  • Psilocybin can induce profound mystical experiences that lead to insights into the nature of reality and the self.
  • These experiences can be deeply transformative and have a lasting impact on one’s worldview and values.
  • It is important to approach psilocybin with reverence and respect, and to have a supportive environment in place to facilitate the experience.
  • Psilocybin is not a panacea, but it can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.
  • The insights gained from a psilocybin experience should be integrated into one’s daily life in order to realize their full benefit.

I hope my experience inspires others to explore their own inner landscapes and discover the vast potential that lies within us all. Psilocybin is a powerful medicine, but it is important to use it responsibly and with intention. With careful preparation and guidance, it can be a transformative experience that leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our place in the universe, and the true nature of reality.