Advice from Marcus Aurelius on COVID-19 – Re imagined

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Marcus Aurelius

For the kids in my family and yours, I want to tell a story.  During the years 161 to 180, Marcus Aurelius was the Roman Emperor.  His kingdom stretched from Rome to Greece, all the way to Syria.  To rule wisely, he wrote notes to himself, which was published originally in Greek, as a book called Meditations, which never went out of print for 2000 years.  If he were here today, this is what he would tell himself, you and I on CoronaVirus. To get your own ideas on how this great ruler would have lead at this time, read the book, Meditations.

  1. Perceive the reality as it is:  This is a pandemic, which could kill ~ 7.5 million people across the planet.
  2. Do your absolute best to slow the spread of the virus and help the poor.  There is always something more you can do.  Social distancing, staying at home, donating to charities and anything else in your control.  God gave you a quota for food, sleep and work.  Your quota for food and sleep is long over.  Your quota for work is just starting to fill.
  3. Everything else, outside your control, happens for good.  What your teachers, friends, parents, doctors, hospitals, governors, presidents, governments and anyone else, outside your control are doing ( or not doing ) is for the good and is happening for the good.

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