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As many industries shifted quickly to the cloud during the pandemic, the supply chain industry has trailed behind, in part due to the lagging state of digitization across this complex industry. Supply chain issues have since compounded, driven by a combination of labor shortages, bottlenecks at key ports, lack of visibility, and a general misalignment between where logistics capacity is needed and where it is available. These mounting issues have already had a huge impact on consumers while also constraining productivity, which, over time, will hinder economic recovery. According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, global industrial output has stagnated since early 2021 due to supply chain issues.

While software can’t solve all geo-political, supply chain infrastructure, and trade issues, we do believe that the rise of new digital solutions in this legacy, paper-based industry will go a long way towards streamlining workflows and optimizing operations. Ultimately, software is the key to building and managing more resilient supply chains that will help society better cope with massive shocks in the future.

We’re actively investing, and frankly, still learning about the emerging opportunities in this massive market. We want to meet supply chain entrepreneurs that understand the challenges their customers face and are passionate about taking on the huge challenges that still remain to be solved.

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