My experience with 2nd dose of vaccine in Bangalore

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I went to Amruthahalli Government Hospital in North Bangalore at 8:30am today, got 2nd dose of vaccine (Covishield, COVID-19 vaccine) and came back home by 10:30am.

I will quickly run through my experience. On April 1st, 2021, after vaccination was opened for 45+ year category, I registered on for next day vaccination at Amruthahalli Government Hospital. I went on the next day, I must have been done by around 11:00, I was back in the office by 11:30 am.

On April 28th, I scheduled my second dose for 14th May, at the same hospital. 2 days ago, I went back to the portal to check for my vaccination schedule. I didn’t find my confirmation. All other available hospitals were fully booked. I have travel planned, this month-end, to US. I wanted my vaccination done before then. I went to Aster CMI Hospital, which is close to my house. They told me that they stopped receiving doses of Covishield vaccine 15 days ago. I thought I will take the second dose, after I come back from US, end of June.

Today, on 14th May, I decided to go to Amruthahalli Government Hospital for my second dose. I reached there by 8:30 am. There were 20 people in front of me in the line. By the time attendant came at 9:30 am, there must have been another 20 people behind me. He asked us to raise hands, if we have booked online. I raised my hand along with few others. He gave me a slip with token number 4 for my vaccination. He gave tokens first to those who registered online and next to those in the line. Only requirement was the number of days between 2 doses have to be more than 45 days.

With the token I went to the lady with the Cowin Vaccinator app. She asked me for my Aadhar card number and last four digits of the reference id from the cowin-website. Completed the formalities and went in. After the first 3 token numbers got vaccinated, I got my vaccination done and reached home by 10:30 am. By 1:10 PM, I received the sms that I have successfully completed the schedule of all doses of COVID-19 vaccine with a link to download the certificate of vaccination.

Bottom line, if you have taken your first dose before 45 days or more, schedule your second dose on cowin website. If you can’t find the slot, go early to neighborhood Government Health Center, stand in line and get vaccinated. Make sure to take your Aadhar card and proof of your first vaccination.

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